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Weather Proofing


Weather Proofing

How do you weather-proof balconies and raised walkways?

3G Concrete Solutions’ weather-proofing balconies and raised walkways involves applying a variety of sealants  composed from different polymers to create the proper type of protection for specific climate-types. Home improvement projects such as balconies, raised walkways, decks, patios need to be able to withstand the elements such as rain, snow, hail, and UV rays. Wooden materials are susceptible to warping and rotting if left untreated. Call us at 714-499-7386 for a quote!

The 3G Concrete Solutions Weather Proofing Process Using Westcoat


3G Concrete Solutions uses Westcoat’s SC-10 Acrylic Topcoat. SC-10 Acrylic Topcoat is a medium viscosity 100% acrylic water-base coating. It is durable yet flexible and is one of the most chemical resistant acrylic resins available. It is a tough, low sheen, wear resistant coating. Uses SC-10 is specially designed to be used as a topcoat for the MACoat, ALX, and Texture-Crete Systems, as well as a stand alone coating over concrete when properly prepared. SC-10 is an excellent product to recoat many other waterproof acrylic deck coating systems.


  • Fast Drying
  • Low Sheen
  • Water-Based – Easy Clean Up
  • Chemical Resistant – Alkali and Moisture Resistant
  • UV Resistant •Excellent Hide and Color Retention
  • 18 Stock Colors and can be Factory Tinted


  • Sand Espresso
  • Pewter Gray
  • Slate Blue
  • Rocky Nook
  • Deep Tan
  • Tile Red
  • Travatan
  • Cape Cod Gray
  • Stone Gray
  • Spanish Brown
  • Concrete Gray
  • Omaha Tan
  • Mission Red
  • Sandy Beige
  • Arizona Tan
  • Black
  • White

Westcoat Topcoats Weather Proofing Colors

The 3G Concrete Solutions Weather Proofing Process Using Pli-Dek

Pli-Dek Systems


The Con-Dek® System is a resin-based fiberglass reinforced waterproof membrane system for concrete substrates. The first coat consists of .75 oz. fiberglass mat and two PD Resin base coats. The next coat is a skid-resistant texture coat that provides a durable walking surface. The final coat is a pigmented sealer that gives the deck a colorful and easy maintenance wear surface.

Primary Use:
The Con-Dek System is designed to achieve a waterproof deck surface for concrete balconies, walking decks, stairways, and roof decks (where waterproofing is essential). The Con-Dek System is excellent for new construction, as well as retrofit work, providing a durable wear surface with low maintenance.

The Con-Dek System meets the requirements of the ASTM E119 for a 1-hour Fire Rating and the ASTM E108 for a Class “A” Fire Retardant Roof.

System Benefits:
  • ICC ESR-2097 (Listed since 1980)
  • 1 Hour & Class “A” Fire Rated
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely Durable
  • Los Angeles City Research Report: 25375
  • Florida State Approval: 15027.2
  • ADA Compliant Finishes
  • Fast Drying & Easy to Install
  • Extensive Finish Options
  • UV Resistant Ideal For:
    • New & Rehabilitation
    • Multi-Family
    • High Rises
    • Residential



The Pli-Dek Waterproofing System is a 1-hour, Class “A” Fire Rated deck system. It uses a poly-acrylic emulsion membrane, combined with elastomeric, acrylic, or cementitious finishes. The System consists of 2.5lbs/sq. yd. galvanized metal lath, polymer cement base coat, intermediate coat, and a wide range of finishes. This system offers high durability with low maintenance.

Primary Use:
The Pli-Dek System is designed for plywood balconies, walking decks, stairways, and roof decks where waterproofing is essential. It provides a durable wear surface for interior and exterior use, and meets the demand of 1-hour, Class “A” Fire Ratings. The Pli-Dek System is excellent for new construction as well as retrofit work.

The Pli-Dek System meets the requirements of the ASTM E119 for a 1-hour Fire Rating and the ASTM E108 for a Class “A” Fire Retardant Roof.

Ideal For:
  • New & Rehabilitation
  • Multi-Family
  • Tract Homes
  • Custom Residence

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